We are now offering sewer line replacements using new State of the art Trenchless Technology.


 Drain Cleaning in Burlington & Camden Counties, New Jersey

No more ripping up driveways or properties by simply digging a small hole in one location and one in another location, we can pull a new sewer line eliminating costly landscaping repairs.

Call a professional plumbing contractor.  All Clear Plumbing & Heating for Burlington & Camden Counties provides prompt drain cleaning.  We clear the clogged drains in your bathtubs, sinks, showers, toilets, and main sewer lines.  We offer free estimates and gives you a 90-day guarantee on all work completed.

Video Inspections
Using a special camera, we are able to do video inspections that allow us to see exactly what work needs to be done to clear your drain lines. Save yourself thousands of dollars when you are ready to buy a home by letting us check your lines since a regular home inspection cannot see what our cameras can.


Tree Root Removal
As a plumbing contractor, we snake and clean tree roots from sewer mains, sinks, showers, gutters, and leader lines. When your tub, sink, and shower lines are clogged, use a professional, give us a call as no job is too small.