What should you do if you see a watermark or ripple on your ceiling?

I saw this photo on a local community group, someone posted it and asked what they should do. Many people answered and gave advice, but a lot of the advice was incorrect. Here is what we recommend:

If you see this call an expert. Period. This could be as simple as a caulking problem, or it could indicate a major plumbing problem. A plumber can come in and diagnose the issue.They will need to inspect the fixtures above where the damage is.

As with most plumbing issues, the faster you act, the less damage you will have, and that could save you thousands of dollars. If you DO see this type of damage to one of your ceilings, the first thing you could do is poke a hole in the damaged area. Sometimes this could stop the entire ceiling from collapsing, again saving you a large repair cost.

At All Clear, we will NOT charge you to come out to inspect a ceiling mark unless the ceiling needs to be opened up to diagnose the issue. All of our estimates are free, and then you will at least know what you are facing. If you have one of these marks on your ceiling and are in our service zone, feel free to contact us and schedule an estimate today!